Speaking 2020 Ink and coloured pencils on paper 420 x 297 mm


What interests me is how the world works, a big area of interest, certainly. So let me be more specific. How does language work, how does logic work, how does perception work? When I say ‘work’, I don’t mean in an analytic, scientific way, I mean how they come together inside the experience of being human.

So, do I mean what does it mean to be human? In some ways, but I think I mean more what does being human mean in terms of the hidden ways of being, how we see, how we hear, how we believe and decide, who we pick fights with, how our language influences what we think or how what we think influences our language, how we make associations and how, once made, they affect how we are. How we exist in the space that we call our environment, how we traffic with that environment, based on what we see, think, hear, feel and believe.

Are we talking experience and context? Probably.

How does that become artwork? Through a combination of words, images, colours and sounds, combined in various media dependant on that which seems most appropriate when the seed has started to germinate. I ruminate on thoughts for a while and then something will begin to appear and then words or images or sounds will come out and the paper or the keyboard or the brush is grabbed and employed. Running away with themselves leaving me trailing in their wake trying to catch up, capture them and make them better by drawing, painting, writing, performing and videoing them into existence. A process of throwing down a series of interconnected works, one flowing into the next, linking, replaying, looping and moving forward. Working the ideas over and over until they have said what they want to say, then handing them over to you to say what you will.

Have you ever caught yourself catching yourself

Have you ever noticed yourself noticing

Have you ever wondered why you wonder the way you do

Have you ever wondered how something came to be issuing from your mouth

Have you ever wondered how that thing follows from the other

Have you ever wondered why that is called this and not that

Have you ever wondered why you made that noise

Have you ever wondered who you are

Have you ever just sat back and said enjoy