What, a journey?

Start with a walk, take that walk as far as the station.

Once at the station get on a train.

When arriving at the correct station disembark.

Make sure you have gotten off at the correct station and not the incorrect station which will leave you where you may not want to be.

Once disembarked, walk.

Walk as far as the mainline train. Embark.

Remain on the train for the right amount of time, make allowances for changing of drivers and other potential delays. If there are none, be sure to get off at the the right time and at the right station. Again being sure to be at the place you want to be not at the place you do not want to be.

Next board the plane, after having gone through all the correct procedures, being those stated by the authority of the country where you are boarding the plane. If for any reason you feel compelled not to do so, your journey may or may not end there. If, you have completed, as required the formalities demanded of you, then all should be fine and you can board.

Once the plane has arrived at the destination, make sure to disembark. In this instance you will have no choice as to whether you can disembark or not. You may still have had to make allowances for potential delays but these will not impact on where you have to get off. Your journey continues as you observe the rules and regulations for entry into and out of the airport.

Once you have done so, you may have options. I would suggest at this point that you have decided beforehand what your options might be and so know what to do next.

Proceed to the mainline train station. Get on and get off as per earlier section.

Once you have gotten off, ensuring that you have all your belongings with you, make your way to the jetty.

On arriving at the jetty, check to make sure that you are at the right jetty and that the vessel is the right vessel and if all these things are right, embark. Not forgetting your possessions.

Travel over the ocean blue.

On arriving at the other side repeat two paragraphs back, in reverse.

Keep going… keep going…. keep going….

Sick note

Let’s take this one step at a time.

All together now.


Now breathe.

Think it over.

Was that the right way to deal with it? Could we have done something better? Should we really have gone in like that, like a bull in a china shop? Like a series of interventions done, theoretically, for the best? Working our way through a series of questions, which, if asked of you, how would you feel about them?

I know what I think.

It’s time to talk

I need to be honest with you. I’m not really in the mood. Sometimes though, you just have to do the thing that is the thing that you don’t want to do. That which is the response required to the event which is that which occurred.

I don’t know how to broach this. How to open it up between us. I mean, you are probably expecting a lot more from me. And, to speak frankly, I don’t care what you are expecting. I don’t know how so I just won’t anyhow.

Really, I should be able to do what I want not what you want, why should I give you that. How did I get to be the one to give, give, give. When do I get to do what I want to do.

Here I am

I’ve been away. Not really away, just away from you. I’ve been talking to others during this time but they couldn’t give me what you have given me. The deliciousness of the screen. The sumptuousness of the colours. The liquidity of movement more and more precise.

I have enjoyed my time away but it is fading now because I am back. Where I belong. Behind the lines of type. I’m not hiding. Here I am. Like a six year old peek-a-boo showing you my eyes where you find my all. Old.

Here is a friend I made while I was away.

Epic Horse is with me most days.

I will bring him along with me so you can make friends too.

It sort of goes like this

“It sort of goes like this.”

He began to hum the tune as if to himself, not loud enough for her to really hear.

Hmm hmm hm hm hmm. She would never get it from the quiet, humble mumbling he thought sounded like the song he wanted so badly to remember. It began to bother him, not only that he could not remember but also that she didn’t seem to be able to help him. It was not what he wanted then. Continue Reading →

Brought to you by 404

This error was brought to you by 404


An error has occurred in trying to bring you this service.
You thought you were getting this but instead you got this. This is what we have prepared for just such an occurrence of this not being available for valued customers.


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21 things

1. I have 21 things I would like to say

2. On the line to Brighton, there is a yard that is full of old rusty phone boxes. At the entrance to the yard is a lone phone box that is being punished. It has been buried up to the word Telephone in mud.