21 things

by Jeremy

21 things

1. I have 21 things I would like to say

2. On the line to Brighton, there is a yard that is full of old rusty phone boxes. At the entrance to the yard is a lone phone box that is being punished. It has been buried up to the word Telephone in mud.

3. I once had a girlfriend who believed that we had an infinite karmic relationship and that we constantly got together in past and future lives to thrash out the same issues until we sorted them out and reached a higher plane. I hope she was wrong.

4. John Cage had quite a funny speaking voice.

5. This article is a stub.

6. A lot of people slag off America and point to the 2% passport ownership figure as evidence of its stupidity and insularity. I wonder how many people in the UK have not been to America.

7. Why do we trust experts less than Wikipaedian amateurs?

8. If the top 2% of the world have 90% of the wealth, why don’t they just buy the planet to stop the rest of us making such a mess of it?

9. It is possible that the living famous people now outnumber the dead famous people. Which have achieved more?

10. Why does Richard Dawkins expend so much energy poking fun at people he thinks are stupid so as to prove he is right?

11. If I loved you, I wouldn’t tell you.

12. Most people are okay, it’s the others that wind me up.

13. Are we here to ask why are we here?

14. What is the definite article?

15. Alliteration only works if most of the first letters of the words in a sentence are the same.

16. Is anyone here old enough to remember?

17. On the whole, things are pretty much as they seem, unless they are too good to be true, in which case they usually are.

18. Why are so many questions black and white?

19. When I was a small boy, I saw a snail. I thought it looked horrible. I trod on it. It looked more horrible and it was all over my sole.

20. I’d like to think that making a decision is not an illusion. Can anyone here tell me for sure?

21. These are exactly the number of words required to fill this space.